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  • Do you ever find yourself questioning your approach to parenting; wondering if what you are doing with your children is effective?
  • Do you wish your child came with an owner’s manual?
  • Do you ever respond to your child and wonder if you did more damage than good?
  • Do you ever lack motivation or find it hard to get out of bed and start each day with meaning and purpose?
  • Don’t worry…I will help inspire you to find the motivation, confidence, and balance you deserve.

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34. Toxic Positivity

33. Eat Your Live Frog First

Hi there

I’m Heather Anderson,
the Mommy Whisperer

I am a Certified Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Education, and a happy mother of 10 wonderful children (4 children of my own plus 6 bonus children) and 7 grandchildren. I am just like you. I am a mother who wants the absolute best for myself, my children, and my family. I have the privilege of helping hundreds of mothers just like you who want to be better and feel better. Mothers who want to learn more effective parenting skills, who want their children to be more respectful and responsive, who want to improve their relationships with all those around them, and who want to hit the pillow each night feeling happy about their efforts and accomplishments…

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Every mother’s situation is unique and every child has specific needs as well. I am here to get to know your story and help you in your struggles.
Through my personalized coaching system and resources, you will get your individual questions answered, glean expert guidance, and feel the empowerment that comes by overcoming guilt and self-doubt. Join me and gain the skills needed to feel confident and fulfilled in all aspects of motherhood.

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The Mommy Whisperer


Here you will find the resources I have created and mentioned in my different platforms. I have also included recipes, endorsements, Mompreneur opportunities, homeschooling helps, links to many of my favorite products and books, and a whole bunch of ideas to make your mommy life a little easier and a lot more rewarding.


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