About the Mommy Whisperer

Years ago, when my 3-year-old was bossing me around at mealtime like a made-to-order chef, my baby wouldn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes, and the TV seemed to be babysitting my kids, I knew something was wrong but I wasn’t sure what it was, and I didn’t know how to fix it. With three kids in tow, and more on the way, I knew I needed to figure it out.

I read every parenting book I could find, I listened constantly to Dr. Laura, I talked to my friends, my mom, my sisters, and I even created a mothers’ support group.

As I learned different principles and methods, certain things worked, and others didn’t work at all.

As I tested out different methods, things started changing in my home with my children. I became more confident in myself as a mother. I was able to connect with my children on a deeper level. I found organization amid the chaos. And with all of these positive changes…parenting truly became my passion.

I was delightfully surprised to learn that these principles also worked on other people’s children. With a BS in Early Childhood Education and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, I have taught hundreds of students over the span of 23 years, I have been able to refine the methods and principles I learned, and have gained a depth of knowledge through my training of children at all ages and stages of life.

I realized that children aren’t as scary as I had originally thought. Armed with a few powerful principles and a whole lot of consistency, I realized there rarely is a child whose behavior cannot be positively shaped. Parents were amazed at the changes that were happening with their children and asked me what they could do at home to have the same results.

And now, as a Certified Life Coach specializing in parenting and relationships, I have the honor of helping mothers all over the world change and improve the way they parent.

I get to work with these woman to help them become more successful and more confident, improve their relationships, and become more empowered.

I would like to help you, too.

How about today?