Christine coached on the following:

1. We want to retire to California but we just found out we have to stay where we are 7 1/2 more years to get our full retirement.

2. My son has had a hard time with the pandemic and online learning. I want to help him but feel like I don’t understand him.

3. My son told us he’s gay a few years ago and now I worry about his future and saying the wrong thing.

4. My boss asked me to take care of a house on New Years day and I think because she treats me good I owe it to her to do it.

5. My 23 year old son has moved into our house and is laying in bed and not finding a job. I don’t know what to do to help him.

6. My teenage daughter stays in her room and I worry about her. I think that something’s gone wrong and that I need to fix it.

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