Every parent worries if they are doing it all right or if they are making mistakes. It is completely fine to have fears about the kind of human being you are going to raise. This fear of parents is the reason behind Mommy Whisperer. Heather Anderson Motherhood Podcasts are directed towards worried parents to make parenting a little easier and a lot more fun. Honestly, having babies or raising them is not that difficult if you know how to manage. This is where our podcasts can help. Of course, we want our children to grow as responsible individuals, want them to become sensible and mature adults. However, we don’t have any magical key to make that happen. The only way to raise good human beings is through good parenting. Parenting doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all of us. Some of us need assistance, and there is nothing wrong with it. This is where you can get help from Heather Anderson Motherhood Podcasts.

The Mommy Whisperer

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14. Three Benefits of Boundaries

This episode will encourage you to keep fighting the good fight with your kids in setting boundaries in your home, because it is so worth it.

Brené Brown said, “When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated.” We want our kids to understand that they never need to feel this way, and that’s exactly why you want boundaries for them in your home also.

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Episode 13. Kids Crave Boundaries

Believe it or not: kids want boundaries; they want routines; they absolutely thrive within the limits that are set for them. And your kids also want to know that you’re in charge. It might seem to you at times that they want to be in charge because maybe they are in charge, but that’s not really what they want.

In this episode, not only will you learn the importance of setting boundaries, but I also talk about 3 ways you can start setting up stronger boundaries for your child.

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12: Change Starts With Your Thoughts

Did you know that if you become aware of how your thoughts are causing you unnecessary pain and suffering, you will begin to transform your life? It’s true. And I’ll teach you how.

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11. Potty Party

Even if you don’t need to learn about potty training, you probably know someone who does. Send them to this podcast! This method really works. I make it really easy to figure out and give you everything you need to know to begin right away.

I like to call it The Potty Party! This is a potty training method that will help you train your child in three hours or even less. The objective of this new, positive way of training is to teach your child how to toilet themselves with independence. By the time your child is done, he is going to be so independent and will be able to go potty completely by himself. Because this method is so focused, it is quick and efficient!

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008. Showing an Increase of Love

As mothers, one of our ultimate goals is to help our child grow up to become a responsible, mature adult. For us to be successful at this, we need to understand that all aspects of a child’s development require a firm foundation in love; and what’s truly amazing is that being firm while also being kind will cover most of our parenting challenges. It’s nearly impossible to expect good behavior from a child without first making sure he feels loved.

In this episode, you will discover the best ways to love your child and how to speak the language of love that they will understand.

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007. What Is Your Parenting Style?

Have you ever thought about what your parenting style is and how it is affecting your child? Did you know that there is a certain style of parenting that is the most healthy for your child and will bring you the most peace and cooperation in your home? Listen to this episode to figure out which style you identify with the most, and how to improve it if it’s not working for you and your child.

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006. Favorite Things Party

It can be tough to find time to nurture your friendships. A really fun tradition you can start with your friends is a Favorite Things Party. It’s a party with a purpose! Once this tradition is started, your friends will look forward to it every year. Heather will teach you everything you need to know to start this annual party with your friends.

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005. The Importance of Healthy Female Friendships

Did you know that our female friendships are actually very important for our mental health and well-being? We need to foster friendships with other women. These friendships can contribute so much to our happiness. It is important for us moms to figure out how to be happy, because our kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom. Join Heather as she explores the concept of healthy friendships. She also gives some of her own experiences of unhealthy female friendships and how to get out of them if they are happening to you.

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004. Consistency

Heather teaches why this third and final C is the most important part of the 3 C’s of Successful Parenting method and why it is also the most challenging. Learn how to stand strong during this true test of your parenting skills and patience! Your kids will pull out all the stops, but you will be ready.

Download The Mommy Whisperer’s 3 C’s of Successful Parenting worksheet to help you along the way.

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003: Consequences

Natural and logical consequences are some of the keys to successful parenting. Learn all about how to use these tools to build a positive relationship with your child while creating an environment where they can behave well!

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Podcast Mentionables

002. Clear Expectations

Heather delves deep into the first “C” of her Successful Parenting model: Clear Expectations. Find out not only why having clear expectations is vital to successful parenting, but also learn some great tips on how to effectively communicate your expectations to your child.

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001. 3 C’s of Successful Parenting

The 3 C’s of Successful Parenting was developed by The Mommy Whisperer and applies to children of all ages and in all settings. It is a proven method for shaping your child’s behavior without becoming the enemy. Become briefly introduced to each step, and also find out why your parents’ and grandparents’ methods of parenting just don’t work with children today.

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000. Meet the Mommy Whisperer

Hi! I’m Heather Anderson, The Mommy Whisperer. I am a mother, wife, educator, and Certified Life Coach specializing in Parenting and Relationships.  I am here to help inspire all you moms out there to be happier, more confident, and more fulfilled while on your motherhood journey.

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