Why would I want to join the MW Membership?
The Mommy Whisperer Membership is the only membership mothers will need! This membership is for those who desire to improve their skills, knowledge, confidence, and abilities in their parenting and also in the other key aspects of their lives to experience more fulfillment and meaning. Regular group coaching sessions and access to the MW during office hours, as well as “Ask the MW Anything” will help you feel like you can always find the answers to your questions and concerns. With the MW Membership you will [DETAILS] find all the resources you need to be a confident, capable, and inspired parent and individual. You can rest easy because I’ve got you! If you have the desire, I have the answers.

Who is The Mommy Whisperer?
Heather Rose Anderson, M.A.Ed – THE Mommy Whisperer
Heather Anderson is the Founder of the Mommy Whisperer and does so out of sheer love and passion for confident & happy living! She has accomplished much in her life, but nothing is more meaningful to her than being a confident and happy mother of 10 wonderful children (4 children of her own plus 6 bonus children from her current marriage), and 7 grandchildren. Heather is first and foremost a dedicated wife & mother, but is also a Certified Life Coach, has a Master’s Degree in Education, is an avid recipe hunter and cook in the kitchen, a gifted educator and motivational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, an obsessor of self-help material, a thoughtful wife, homemaker, musician, and mother. She loves dancing, playing the piano, reading, sewing, crafting, and cooking.

Why did she create the MW?
The MW grew out of Heather’s passion in life to figure out how to be the very best mother to her children and grandchildren and to live a life that is meaningful, purposeful, and progressive. Along her path she has gleaned powerful tips, knowledge and insight from a variety of sources and experts. Knowing others could also benefit from these things meshed with her deep desire to help other mothers & women become confident and fulfilled in their parenting responsibilities and in other aspects of their life. The Mommy Whisperer is a result of Heather’s lifelong passion, research, preparation, and dream of developing a community where mothers can go to become inspired, get answers to their questions, and receive the tools & skills necessary to become a happier, more confident mother. She would have given ANYTHING to have these resources while raising her kids.

With the MW are we only limited to one point of view?
With the MW community you will not only benefit from Heather’s unique research & perspective but she also invites experts in a variety of fields to teach classes and share their expertise with the MW Membership community. Heather knows how critical it is to have a purpose and meaning in your life beyond your role as a mother and from learning from those who are experts in their field. With your MW Membership you will get the help and support you need in virtually every aspect of your life and especially as you find that delicate balance in your parenting, personal development, and career. In The Mommy Whisperer community you will not only learn from experts but also from the other moms in the program as we share and learn from each other’s experiences during group coaching sessions and have access to each mother’s anonymous questions being answered.

Tell me more about Heather and her life and story…
In her youth she was a ballerina, played on the school volleyball team, and also became an accomplished pianist. She studied ballet for 15 years as a member of the Royal Academy of Dance and one of her young accomplishments was being crowned Miss Teen in her state competition and First Runner-up at the National Miss Teen Pageant. She was also awarded 1st place at the Search for Talent competition. In college she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and minored in dance. While there she enjoyed being a member of the Ballroom Dance Company and also learned to play the organ. Upon graduation she took her first teaching job where she spent years teaching Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd Grades. During these years of teaching and having young children she earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.

While teaching and pregnant with her second child (and also performing the role of accountant for her husband’s newly formed company) she left the formal classroom and started her own Preschool in her home. Miss Heather’s Preschool enjoyed a run of 18 years and she continues to inspire young children to this day. On top of private piano lessons and private tutoring, she qualified to become an elite teacher in the “Let’s Play Music” program which provides group music lessons for children with a focus on voice, keyboard, music theory, and even music composition. She is still developing young musicians through this inspired program. The past few years Heather has been working as a certified teacher for an online Charter School where she supports home schooled families and students. She is now focusing her attention on The Mommy Whisperer Program and in helping mothers on their journey to greatness!

Why is Heather so qualified as the Mommy Whisperer?
Heather is a lifelong student of best practices and approaches for motherhood and parenting and in living a meaningful and fulfilled life. She loves to read and research and has a passion for human psychology, relationships, & meaningful parenting. More than anything else in the world Heather enjoys being a wife, homemaker, and mother. She has enjoyed the challenge of raising four wonderful children and considers it her most important and noble work.(I would take this next part out: She is literally all that and a bag of chips and a glorious bowl of homemade guacamole! Her husband Clark is her biggest fan and advocate and the proud President of her Fan Club as well as handling the behind the scenes logistics of TMW.)

We invite you to join our community and become the confident, inspired mother you desire to be and to find the meaning and fulfillment in your life that you deserve!